Cash loan for persons working abroad

Since 2004, since Poland joined the European Union, many Poles have decided to work outside our country. Some of them left their families, to which they return when on holidays, holiday breaks or for longer stays, which their contract allows. Sometimes life situations force us to apply for a loan. When obtaining income from abroad,

Mortgage – what is worth knowing about it?

Mortgage is a key word used in the housing industry. Most of us know that it involves real estate debt that allows us to buy our own apartment. What should we know when deciding to buy a property through a mortgage? What is a mortgage? A mortgage is a right limited by property law, which

Mortgage with an expert or alone?

Mortgage with an expert or alone? This is an important decision, so you must know all the pros and cons of both solutions. Choosing a mortgage is extremely important in the next few decades. You can do it yourself, collecting offers from various banks, as well as assist an experienced expert. Which way is better?

What is a loan waiver and a loan waiver?

See in which cases the bank may depart from its own rules to provide financing to the client. Find out the date of the loan waiver   What is a loan waiver? A loan waiver is a situation in which the customer does not meet all the conditions expected by the bank when granting the

3 reasons why you should take out an installment loan

An installment loan is a chance to get cash quickly and without any problems. An attractive, fast and secure loan can be found, for example, in the finance comparator – Finances.rankomat. There you can find cash loans, mortgages and car loans. And also deposits, quick online loans and installment loans. A loan can often save

How to build and check your credit history?

Check what you need to know about credit history and how to build it effectively. Credit history is one of the most important information for a bank when you apply for a mortgage. Credit history is all your previous and current liabilities Incurred in various banks. The Credit Information Bureau (BIK) is responsible for its

Short term unemployment – is it possible?

Can I apply for a loan when we are not employed? The answer to this question is affirmative. The financial situation of people without employment is not so obvious. The mere fact that someone is unemployed does not mean that they cannot have any other source of income. There are many payday loans without employment